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PRW Industries

QA1 9HT450 Spring, Cr-Si High Travel 2-1/2" Id 9" X 450 Lbs/In. Silver Pwdr Coat

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High travel coil spring with a 450 lb spring rate. Made with chrome silicon and has a silver powder coat finish. 2-1/2" inner diameter and a 9" length.
QA1 offers an assortment of high travel springs, available in 7", 9", 10", 12", 14" and 16" lengths, with a silver powder coated finish. These springs are lighter and have increased travel due to the larger distance between the coils. Made in the USA, these 2" I.D. high travel springs are manufactured from specially designed high-tensile, chrome silicon alloy spring wire, which allows them to have fewer coils and a smaller wire diameter. These lighter springs optimize performance by reducing unsprung weight and reacting faster.