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PRW Industries

QA1 5193-5 Shock Large Steel 15 24 Eye-B/Eye-B V3-5

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51 Series monotube shock. Compressed height of 15.38", extended height of 24.3". Eyelet top and Eyelet bottom, with a valving of 3-5.
Introduced in 2013, QA1's 51 Series is an improved version of the popular 50 Series. The 51 Series features an in-house machined body with a larger inside diameter for increased oil volume for better cooling. Crafted with hard anodized internals and a zero gas pressure design, the 51 Series provides the most grip on slick tracks and the best feel of any shock. Popular choice for many racers from dirt and asphalt in nearly every type of class. Works best on dry-slick dirt and asphalt tracks where traction is limited and also as an axle wrap up shock. Gives superior feel and grip on smooth asphalt tracks. Made of a 2 1/16'' Steel twin tube body, these shocks use deflective disc valving with linear valving, which provides a more stable car and allows the driver to feel the car better. They are racer revalveable and rebuildable, designed for unparalleled repeatability, and are available with custom valving. Made in the USA and 100% Dyno tested & serialized.