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Mr. Gasket 8016MRG TDC WHISTLE

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Top Dead Center Whistle;
Next time you are needing to locate Top Dead Center on your hot rod's engine, let Mr. Gasket lend a hand. Our TDC indicator threads into 14mm or 18mm threaded spark plug holes. It whistles on the compression stroke and stops whistling at approximately Top Dead Center. Just a few of the many examples of when needed are, timing chain inspection or replacement, distributor installation and cylinder leak down. If tools are being ranked by convenience, our TDC indicator is a 10! Another one of those Gotta Have It tools from Mr. Gasket.
  • Whistles On The Compression Stroke
  • Stops Whistling At Approximately Top Dead Center
  • Great For Distributor Installation
  • Handy For Individual Cylinder Valve Adjustment
  • Quick And Easy To Use

Application Summary:

Year Make/Model
Can be used to locate approximate Top Dead Center for cylinder leak testing.