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Lakewood LK5000K Safety Bellhousing Kit

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Safety Bellhousing Kit; Fits w/Chevy LS To Muncie/Saginaw/Borg Warner T10/Tremec TKO Transmissions; 4.684 in. Bore Diameter; 6.45 in. Depth; 2.125 x 3.30 in. Fork Opening;
The Lakewood cast aluminum bellhousings connects Chevy small, big block, and LS engines to transmissions utilizing the standard GM pattern such as the Muncie, Saginaw, Borg Warner T10 and Tremec TKO transmissions. The bellhousings are designed for both GM cars and trucks and other manufacturers where swap applications are being installed. These bellhousing kits come complete with clutch fork boot, inspection cover and Grade 8 mounting hardware. The bellhousing, clutch fork boot, inspection covers and mounting hardware kits are also available individually.
  • Lightweight Cast Aluminum
  • Design Similar To The Original Equipment Bellhousings
  • Lower Cost Non-SFI Rated Option
  • Designed For Hydraulic/Mechanical Fork Throwout Bearing Linkage
  • Bellhousing Depth 6.45 in
  • Clutch Fork Opening 2.125 In X 3.3 In
  • Transmission Bore Diameter 4.684 In
  • Includes Grade 8 Hardware