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Flowmaster 325108 2.5IN(C)/OUT(C) 10 SERIES RACE

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10 Series™ Delta Force Race Muffler; 2.5 in.; Center Inlet/Outlet; Case Dimensions 3 in. x 8 in. x 5.5 in.; 9.25 in. Overall Length;
Single chamber. The 10 Series race mufflers are intended for racing applications and utilize Flowmaster's patented Delta Flow technology for maximum performance. Recommended for racing applications where a muffler is required without a set decibel limit to be met. Will provide a noticeable dB reduction over open headers. Please call the Flowmaster tech-line for assistance with specific dB requirements and applications.
  • Race Proven Patented Delta Flow® Technology
  • Aggressive Exterior Exhaust Tone
  • Single Chamber Race Muffler
  • Minimal Decibel Reduction Over Open Headers
  • No Internal Packing To Blowout
  • Designed for Maximum Horsepower and Torque
  • Premium Flowmaster Quality
  • Premium Flowmaster Quality

Application Summary:

Year Make/Model
Universal Race Muffler - Not a direct fit. Some adaptation required.