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Flowmaster 2250220 CAT. UNIV 225 SRS. E.D. 2.00

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Universal Catalytic Converter; 49 State; 225 Series; 2.0 in. Inlet/Outlet; SlipFit Inlet/Outlet Conn.; Body Length 16in./Width 6.125in.; Oval; 6515 Max GVW; 5.9L Max Engine Size;
Flowmaster 49-state universal catalytic converters are designed to meet federal EPA emissions requirements on a wide variety of applications. These high quality catalytic converters are manufactured in the USA, and feature stainless steel outer shell construction for maximum durability. The internal substrate material and precious metal loading have been carefully engineered for maximum efficiency and to avoid MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) code issues that are common with lower quality converters. Universal catalytic converters require welding and/or fabrication and should be installed by qualified technicians. Please refer to the Flowmaster application guide for specific part number/vehicle applications. Flowmaster 49-state converters are not legal for sale or use on vehicles licensed or operated in the state of California.