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Cloyes 2703 Cam Gear Engine Timing Camshaft Gear

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Super Quiet, Phenolic Resin Teeth. Feature Helical Tooth Form For Quiet Operation, And Precision Machined Bore For True Fit.
  • Featuring precision-tooled or machined tooth form and precision-machined bore for true fit, Cloyes Timing Chain Sprockets offer reliability and dependability for engine rebuilds and typical replacement jobs
  • Cloyes parts are CAD designed and manufactured using premium materials. Each part is extensively tested and measured for function, fitment, and durability to ensure optimal performance
  • Cloyes recommends the chain tensioner(s), sprocket(s), and guide(s) also be replaced when the chain is replaced as these components play a vital role in system stability and accurate timing
  • Refer to our online catalog for detailed application-specific information
  • Keep your engine's valve train in perfect time with Cloyes, the world leader in timing drive systems

Application Summary:

Year Make/Model
1942-1947 Ford 1 Ton Pickup
1942-1947 Ford 1/2 Ton Pickup
1942-1947 Ford 3/4 Ton Pickup
1946-1948 Ford Deluxe
1948 Ford F1
1948 Ford F2
1948 Ford F3
1948 Ford F4
1942 Ford Model 21 A Deluxe
1942 Ford Sedan Delivery
1942 Ford Super Deluxe
1946-1948 Ford Super Deluxe
1946-1948 Mercury Mercury