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BBK Performance

BBK Performance Parts 31025 Vari-Tune Adjustable Performance Muffler

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Vari-Tune Adjustable Performance Muffler; 2.75 in. Inlet/Outlet; Offset/Offset; Rectangular Body; Tunable; Chambered; Stainless Steel;
These patented BBK Performance Varitune mufflers are the first of their kind in the aftermarket, fully adjustable performance Mufflers that can be adjusted for sound and horsepower by simply moving the adjustment screw in or out from underneath the car with a wrench! These mufflers are available in aluminized or stainless steel, in 2.5, 2.75 and 3.0 and with various offsets to fit most aftermarket and OEM applications. These offset/offset Varitune Mufflers are designed to fit many applications including most Ford Mustang applications. The Varitune performance adjustable mufflers have been developed and designed to give you full control over the sound and performance of your vehicle, simply adjust the power valve from under neath the vehicle with a couple of wrenches to make it louder or quieter. These Varitune performance mufflers are now available in Aluminized or stainless steel, in 2.5, 2.75 and 3.0 and with various offset In/out to fit most aftermarket and OEM applications. Examples: Offset/Offset - Offset/Center - Center/Offset - Center/Center. Available for most American car and truck applications.
  • Patented BBK Performance Vari-Tune Muffler Technology
  • Offset-Offset 2-3/4 Inch In/Out
  • Dyno Tested Adds 10-15 HP Over Stock
  • Adjust the Mech Power Valve Of Muffler To Desired Sound And Level
  • Add An Aggressive Muscle Car Sound To Any Vehicle
  • Turn It Up For The Track And Down For The Street
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • BBK Is Your Number One Aftermarket Performance Exhaust Brand
  • Made In The USA