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B&M 10227 TRANSPAK 78-96 TF-727,518,46& 47RH

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Transpak Automatic Transmission Recalibration Kit; Allows Calibration Of All Shift Points; Firmer Shift Feel;
Recalibrate your automatic transmission for optimum performance Select the mode that best suits your application Improves transmission life Transmission removal not required APPLICATION: 1978 to 1996 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth TF 727, 518, 46RH and 47RH, TF 904, 999, 32RH, 42RH and 500 The next step up from the Shift Improver Kit is the Transpak. It has all the features in the Shift Improver Kit plus it provides additional driver manual control. Most stock automatic transmissions won't downshift into low gear above 15 mph, and automatically upshift at a predetermined speed no matter what gear you're in. With the Transpak, you can downshift at any speed, and you can hold the transmission in first gear to any speed that you want! This is an asset when you've got a modified engine, and you want additional RPMs, or you're towing a trailer or driving heavy loads downhill. Stage 1. Heavy Duty For street rods, normal passenger vehicles or other heavy duty use. Firmer shift feel but not harsh. Improves transmission performance and life dramatically without loss of comfort. Normal automatic operation when in Drive. Stage 2. Hi-Performance Street For full performance street use. Essentially the same as Heavy Duty mode except shift is much quicker. Retain full automatic features and standard shift points with selector in Drive.
  • Recalibrate Auto. Transmission
  • Optimum Performance
  • Select Your App. Mode
  • Improves Transmission Life
  • Trans. Removal Not Required
  • Downshift At Any Speed
  • Great For Trailer Towing
  • For Heavy Loads Driving Downhill

Application Summary:

Year Make/Model
1978-1983 Chrysler Cordoba
1983-1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue
1981-1983 Chrysler Imperial
1978-1981 Chrysler LeBaron
1978-1982 Chrysler New Yorker
1978-1981 Chrysler Newport
1978-1981 Chrysler Town & Country
1978-1980 Dodge Aspen
1978-1980 Dodge B100
1981-1994 Dodge B150
1995-1996 Dodge B1500
1978-1980 Dodge B200
1981-1994 Dodge B250
1995-1996 Dodge B2500
1978-1980 Dodge B300
1981-1994 Dodge B350
1995-1996 Dodge B3500
1978-1980 Dodge CB300
1978-1983 Dodge Challenger
1978 Dodge Charger
1978-1979 Dodge D100
1985-1989 Dodge D100
1978-1993 Dodge D150
1978-1980 Dodge D200
1981-1993 Dodge D250
1978-1980 Dodge D300
1981-1993 Dodge D350
1979-1982 Dodge D50
1988-1996 Dodge Dakota
1984 Dodge Daytona
1978-1989 Dodge Diplomat
1978-1979 Dodge Magnum
1980-1983 Dodge Mirada
1978 Dodge Monaco
1983-1986 Dodge Power Ram 50
1994-1995 Dodge Ram 1500
1994-1996 Dodge Ram 2500
1995 Dodge Ram 3500
1983-1986 Dodge Ram 50
1990-1993 Dodge Ram 50
1978-1993 Dodge Ramcharger
1978-1980 Dodge RD200
1979-1981 Dodge St. Regis
1986-1989 Dodge W100
1978-1993 Dodge W150
1978-1980 Dodge W200
1981-1993 Dodge W250
1978-1980 Dodge W300
1981-1993 Dodge W350
1980-1986 Jeep Cherokee
1980-1983 Jeep CJ5
1980-1986 Jeep CJ7
1993-1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee
1984-1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
1980-1988 Jeep J10
1980-1988 Jeep J20
1981-1985 Jeep Scrambler
1980-1986 Jeep Wagoneer
1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler
1990-1996 Mitsubishi Mighty Max
1979-1980 Plymouth Arrow
1980-1982 Plymouth Arrow Pickup
1978 Plymouth Fury
1980-1989 Plymouth Gran Fury
1978-1980 Plymouth PB100
1981-1983 Plymouth PB150
1978-1980 Plymouth PB200
1981-1983 Plymouth PB250
1978-1980 Plymouth PB300
1981-1983 Plymouth PB350
1983 Plymouth Scamp
1978-1981 Plymouth Trailduster
1978 Plymouth Volare
1980 Plymouth Volare